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Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation                  


                                         Sai Baba Centre Ė Leicester Central                                                         


Events 2004 - Christmas Celebrations at


Soar Valley College, Leicester Ahimsa


on Sunday 19 December






 *** DVD of the event available in the library  ***






Christmas was celebrated on Sunday 19 December as part of our normal Sunday Bhajans.


09:00 to 10:00             Group Devotional Singing


10:00 to 10:15             Guest Speaker:  Rev. Jessie Anand talked about the significance of celebrating Christmas


10:15 to 11:15             SSE Overview and Presentations. Prizes presented by Ruhi


11:15 -                         Prasadam


12 noon                       End of programme




Rev. Jessie Anand summed up Christmas saying it's a time for joy, peace and hope. Be joyful remembering that God graced us (mankind) with his love by sending his son Jesus 'to take away the darkness and to give light'. Jesus showed us how to live in peace with each other and so gave hope for a more loving future.


Let us also try to bring joy, peace and hope to the world this Christmas.


Rev Jessie Anand finished with a beautiful Carol sung in Tamil.






Photographs ( 9 in total) from the celebrations are shown below.




Corridor Altar