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Global Service day on Saturday 27 July 2013 at Wicksteed Park, Kettering

Global Service Day is celebrated at Leicester Sai Centre every year in July, when we invite 60 to 80 guests for a day out.  We provide entertainment, delicious refreshments, loving care and a fun filled day! Our guests are from the local community - elderly residential homes, care homes, members who we provide ‘meals on wheels’ to, and also elderly devotees from our Centre - a mixture of both able and disabled members.

This year we chose Wicksteed Park as our venue for the Global Service Day. Wicksteed Park is one of the UK's oldest theme parks and the grounds and gardens of Wicksteed Park cover a very large area with something for everybody to enjoy.

Our guests were provided transport from their homes by the volunteers, and were picked up from about 9:30 am and all arrived at the venue by 11:00 am. The volunteers welcomed them with refreshments - hot & cold drinks, plus cookies, all lovingly served.

Swami had graced us with a beautiful, sunny day, and most of the guests wanted to go out into the grounds. We had laid on various games for those who preferred to stay indoors – a craft workshop of flower arrangement, janga game, ‘tic-tac-toe’ challenge, pick a rubber duck, skittles, etc, and volunteers were also at hand for those guests who just wanted to talk!

Come lunch time, the guests started to drift back. Delicious lunch, lovingly prepared and served by the volunteers, was enjoyed by everyone. Lots of laughter & talk as everyone shared their experiences from their day so far.

Straight after lunch, we had arranged a ride on the train - a highlight for our guests! The Wicksteed Park Railway is one of the most iconic features of the park and covers a large part of the park.

When the guests returned from the enjoyable train ride, we had arranged games for them to play, and many joined in the fun. Then it was time for BINGO! Good fun for everyone and prizes won by some of our guests. We also had a karaoke session whilst tea & coffee was served, with clotted cream & jam scones! Delicious!

Whilst the guests enjoyed their refreshing cups of hot drinks, we projected some of the photographs we had taken throughout the day – a memory jogger for the fun-filled day we had!

We said our farewells as the volunteers prepared to take our guests back home. Most were tired but commented on how much they had enjoyed the day.

The following day, the manager of one of the homes sent a ‘thank you’ note which said: “They all had a wonderful time, all shattered but happy...” which summed up the day wonderfully! Thank you Swami.

And here are some photographs from the day

Guests Arriving 2

Guests Arriving 1

Guests arriving at the park……..


Refreshments 2

Refreshments 1

Refreshments lovingly prepared & lovingly served…


Flower Arrangem2nts 2

Flower Arrangements 1

Flower arrangements……….

Conversation 2

Conversation 1


Just talking………..

Janga 2

Janga 1

Mastering janga!!!!


Tic Tac Toe


Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge!


Lunch 2

Lunch 1

Lunch served lovingly……


Lunch 4

Lunch 3



Bingo 1

Bingo 3



Bingo 4

Bingo 2



Train Ride 2

Train Ride 1

Train ride!!!!!!!




…and finally Karaoke!!!!!



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