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Computer Awareness on Sunday 17 March 2013


Email?          Computers?         Internet?  Facebook?    Twitter?       Online Shopping? Google?     Hotmail? Virus?........and more?

Come & find out - On Sunday 17 March, after Bhajans, we will be holding a Computer Awareness session at 65 Broad Street, Syston, LE7 1GH from 11:30 to 4:30. Drop in session so come along at any time. Refreshments provided!

Computer Awareness Photo

This was an opportunity- to learn about using a computer, to learn how to send & receive an email, to find out about the internet , to find out about social sites - Facebook, Twitter -, to find out about comparison sites, iPads, Macs, Skype, etc.

And they all came with keenness to find out - over 30 devotees came to 'learn' in a very friendly informal setting -'Home from home, amongst family & friends!'


...and there were enough 'experts' on hand who were able to provide answers to the queries raised by all those who came for answers!


Comments were all positive by those who came, and most wanted this type of exercise to be repeated regularly.


Here are some photos from the day:

Set-up 1  Set-up 2
All set-up & ready to go............
Learning 1   Learning 5
All systems go.........
Learning 6   Learning 3

Learning 2   Learning 7

 Learning 4  Learning 14

Learning 10   Learning 13

Learning 8   Learning 12

Learning 11   Learning 9

Learning 15   Learning 17

Learning 16   




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