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Akhand Bhajans on Saturday & Sunday 9/10 November 2013 at Patidar Samaj Hall.

This year, Global Akhand Bhajans were held in Leicester for 24 hours.  The programme was entitled ‘Sing for Harmony’ and included prayers and group devotional singing/ bhajans for world peace.  Bhajans commenced on Saturday 9th November at 12:30 pm to coincide with the Akhand Bhajans programme in Puttaparthi and went on till 12:30 pm on Sunday 10th November.  Members from various faith communities of Leicester joined the programme and included: the Clarendon Park Mosque Group, the Sikh Group, BAPS Swaminarayan, ISKCON Leicester and the Jain Group.  The prayers and bhajans generated a charged atmosphere with good attendance for the whole 24 hours.  Below are some pictures from the programme:


Altar for Akhand Bhajans
Devotees 1 Devotees 2
Devotees singing bhajans
Interfaith Group 1 Interfaith Group 8
Sikh Community Group
Interfaith Group 7  

Interfaith Group 2 Interfaith Group 3
BAPS Swaminarayan Group
Interfaith Group 6 Interfaith Group 5
Jain Group
Interfaith Group 4  

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