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National Sai Remembrance Day on Saturday 28 April
at Maher Centre, Leicester

This was a 'national' event held at the Maher Centre in Leicester. About 1600 devotees had registered to attend the event from all over the 8 Regions in UK.

Message from Dr. Kiran Patel, National Chairperson, Central Council of United Kingdom
Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation

" His Mission was to establish 'Brotherhood of Man'. Let this become our Mission too on this day. Its practise however can only be accomplished through divine Love, by loving God intensely, by filling our hearts with His Love, and thereby expanding our hearts to reach out to our fellow beings in love and service. Devotees all over the globe are engaged in prayers in gratitude for His Love that He has so compassionately poured into our hearts in abundance. Let us rejoice for having been the recipients of this Great Benediction and this rare privilege. Let us fill ourselves with His Light, and spread this all around us joyfully. Let us not fritter away this golden opportunity bestowed on us. Let us truly become His Channels, His Instruments, and live our lives as a reflection of His Message. "

                                          National Remembrance Day Flyer


Below are some of photos taken during the day.

Altar in the Entrance Lobby Guest Speaker Sanjay Sahani
Altar in the Entrance Lobby

Guest Speaker Sanjay Sahni
Listening to one of the guest speakers  Musical Item
Listening to one of the guest speakers

Musical Item


Click here for the detailed report in Love & Light Newsletter - May 2012

Click here to watch the video recording Sanjay Sahni's talk, the musical item, and some of the multi-faith prayers.

Below are some photos taken of the preparations prior to the day..............  

Preparing flower arrangements
Preparing the archways for the stage
Preparing flower arrangements

Preparing the archways for the stage

PA & Lighting Teams on stage PA Team
PA & Lighting Teams on stage

The PA Team setting up their equipment

Cleaning the tables.... ....and the tables!
Cleaning the chairs....

....and the tables!

Stage Set-up Team Preparaing Entrance Altar Rangoli
Stage Set-up Team

Rangoli being prepared in the Entrance Lobby

Click here for photos of the refreshments being prepared...........

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