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Global Service Day on Sunday 10 July 2011 at Rutland Water

Nottingham & Leicester Sai Centres celebrated their Global Service Day on Sunday 10th July and this year we took our guests to Rutland Water for the day.

Rutland Water is the largest man-made lake in Europe. Built in the 1970s to supply water to the East Midlands, Rutland Water is now Rutland's most popular tourist attraction, offering activities for all ages. There are sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, cycling, nature reserves, or just relax by the water and watch the action around the 25 mile shoreline. Our theme for the day was to ‘just relax by the water and watch the action’!

Our Guests are members of society who we serve on a regular basis – recipients of meals on wheels service, residents of elderly homes where we conduct regular bhajan sessions, voluntary work with local adult groups, and elderly guests from our Centre.

The planning for this event started a few weeks earlier. The management team at Rutland Water were contacted and we discussed the plan for the day. ‘Leisure Request Form’ was completed, which covered Risk and Health & Safety assessment of our planned activities on the day, including the Public Liability Insurance cover – lots of necessary paperwork to complete!

Transport was arranged for all our guests to be collected from their homes and returned home at the end of the day. A special minibus with a lift was arranged for wheelchair bound guests.

The refreshments were prepared on Saturday and early Sunday morning - pasta salad, pizzas, cheese & potato pasties, and potato ‘shak’. For pudding we had cakes – and strawberry & cream!  On arrival the guests were served with freshly brewed tea and hot coffee, together with homemade cookies and scones with jam/butter. A good selection of food items were prepared to meet the varied dietary requirements of our guests.

Some volunteers came early to the venue to set up the site, with gazebos, tables, chairs, serving tables and registration desk.

As the guests arrived, they were warmly welcomed and ‘registered’, and were all given named badge. Volunteers were pre-allocated guests to ‘care’ for throughout the day, and they were soon on their way to experience the walks and activities around the lake.

eryone got together for lunch – which was served by enthusiastic volunteers with lots of love, patience and lots of smiles!

And as they say on TV to the winners, we had laid on ‘a very special treat’ for our guests - a boat ride, round the lake on Rutland Belle! Most of the guests went on the ride, and enjoyed the boat ride. For some it was an experience of a lifetime!

‘Arts & Craft’ tables were prepared for those who wanted to do something different. There was also a place to just sit and just enjoy the wonderful weather, and experience the wonderful sounds of nature under the trees! Some guests participated in the ever popular ‘Antakshri’ sing along game. Garden games were played by some of the more ‘energetic’ guests! Yes, there was something for everyone!

Everyone then joined in the ever popular Bingo game. This is a game that everyone loves to play, as everyone can join in. Volunteers were at hand to help out where necessary. Prizes were handed out for complete lines and for  ‘full house’ – ‘BINGO’ shouted joyously by many of our guests!

But sadly, all good things come to an end and it was time to go home. Tea and scones with cream were served as we all prepared to pack up and got ready to head home. The day was concluded by wishing happy birthdays to all those celebrating their birthdays on this special day – they made their wishes on cakes with lighted candles, and everyone joined in singing the happy birthday song!

We all felt Swami’s presence throughout the day. Swami had graced us with wonderful, warm sunshine, and of course, lots of love!

Some of the guests came forward and commented on the day – ‘thank you for a wonderful day’, ‘thank you looking after us and for the lovely refreshments’, ‘we have all enjoyed our day out’. And most said they couldn’t wait to be invited to our next event – it couldn’t come soon enough for them!
And last comments from one of our guests – ‘we only have 3 or 4 days out a year, but we always look forward to this event every year. Highlight of the year for us!’ Shows how much we all take so much for granted.

Here are some photographs from the day.....
Setting up 1 Setting up 2
Some volunteers went early to prepare the site......
Preparing the tables.........
Seeting up 3 Setting up 4
...and another gazebo.............
.........and more tables & chairs.........
Guests 2 Guests 3
Some of our guests................
Guests 4 Guests 8

Guests 6 Guests 7

Guests 5 Guests 10
Guests 11  
..........click here for more photographs...........
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