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Narayan Sewa - Food Parcels for Refugee Relief Charity in November 2011

Each year, as part of Ceiling on Desires, devotees at our centre donate food items to make up food parcels for families living in refugee camps in Croatia.

The items are collected over a number of weeks and this year they were stored at Sathya Sai School, until Tuesday 15 November when many devotees from the Centre came to help with sorting the food items, packing them into boxes, and finally loading into vans for delivery to the Refugee Relief Charity based in Wellingborough.

On Saturday 19 November, the food parcels were loaded onto trailer and transported to Croatia with lots of other items to be distributed in the refugee camps. A number of devotees from our Centre went to help load the trailer in Wellingborough.

Food Parcel Handout

Food Bags 1 Food bags 2
Devotees food bags, collected at Sathya Sai School.........

Food Bags 3 Food Bags 4

Food Bags 5  

Sorting 1 Sorting 3
Food items are sorted out ready for preparing food parcels..............

Sorting 4 Sorting 5

Sorting 6 Sorting 2

Food Parcel Boxes Food Parcels 2
Food Parcel Boxes being prepared

Food items packed into food parcel boxes.............

Food Parcels 3 Food Parcels 1

Loading a van 2 Loading the van 1
Food Parcels being loaded into a van.............

Loading trailer 2 Loading trailer 3
Loading trailer in Wellingborough............

Loading trailer 4 Loading trailer 1

Refreshments 1 Refreshments 2
REFRESHMENTS after loading the trailer.........

.....more refreshments!

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