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Swami's Birthday Celebrations on Sunday 21 November 2010 at Athena Centre, Leicester
Swami's 85th Birthday was celebrated this year on Sunday 21 November. Athena Centre was hired out for the day to make this a very special birthday celebration.

Around 1000 devotees attended the programme, with guest speakers Sanjeevbhai & Mukundbhai relating their own personal experiences of Swami. The SSE Children had prepared a number of different performances which all 'wowed' the audience to a standing ovation, and Roopa & her team gave a very professional musical performance.

And then there was the lovely cake - a BIG cake - enough for 1000 devotees! And we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Swami! A wonderful, joyous end to a very special celebration!

Below are some photos from the day,

............and click below for Photos of events leading to the Birthday Celebration -

                          Click here for photos of SSE Children preparing for their performances. - Page 2

                          Click here for photos of the preparation of Swami's Birthday cake - Page 3

                         Click here for photos of the PA team, Bhajan practices & props being made - Page 4

        Altar in the Entrance Lobby      85
         Welcoming Altar in the Entrance Lobby


Guest Speaker Sanjeev                Guest Speaker Mukundbhai
Guest Speaker Sanjeevbhai

                Guest Speaker Mukundbhai

Cake 1                Cake 2
Wonderful Birthday Cake

Cake 3  
Bhajan Singers 1 Bhajan Singers 2
Bhajan Singers...........

Roopa & Team 1 Roopa & Team 2
Roopa & Team - Musical Performance..........

SSE Children 1 SSE Children 2
SSE Children performances.........

SSE Children 3 SSE Children 4
SSE Children 5 SSE Children 6
SSE Children 7 SSE Children 8
SSE Children 9 SSE Children 10
SSE Children 11 SSE Children 12
SSE Children 13 SSE Children 14
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