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Krishna Janmastami celebrated on Thursday 2 September 2010 at Soar valley College

We had special bhajans for Krishna Janmastami on Thursday 2 September.

Morarbhai presented significance/teachings of Krishna's life, using videos & photos to explain the various aspects of Krishna's life - see below some of the photographs used in the presentation.

           Krishna 2        Birth in Gokul

           Birth in Gokul.
           Krishna Makhan Chor        Enjoying Butter!
             Krishna Makhan Chor (Stealing Butter)

            Enjoying Butter!

Enjoying Milk!         Krishna 1
   Enjoying Milk!

         Krishna in Lamp        Playing Murli
           Gopi sees Krishna in Lamp

          Krishna Playing Murli (Flute)

       Ras Garba
Ras Garba

Jai Shree Krishna

Jai Shree Krishna!

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