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Global Service day at Abbey Park on Sunday 11 July 2010

Abbey Park was chosen as the venue for our Global Service Day. And Sunday 11 July turned out to be a wonderful day, cloudless sky and warm, pleasant conditions.

Volunteers went there early to prepare the site - gazebos, electricity generator, tea urns, tables, chairs, etc. etc. All set up ready for our guests who started arriving by 10:30.

The guests were treated to refreshing hot drinks, and soon they were on their way with volunteers to discover Abbey Park. And most went on the boat rides!

Back they all came, for a welcoming lunch served lovingly by the volunteers. Huge selection of food items to satisfy everyone's needs!

After lunch there was time for some entertainment - stand-up comedian Chirag entertained some of the guests with his own unique style, there was sing along for those who had special skills, bingo, garba, yoga, flower arrangements, etc. Something for everyone!

Here are some photos from the day - click on the link below for

           Our Guests & Volunteers - see below.

                 and Click here for more of our guests & volunteers.......

           Click here for 'Discover Abbey Park' photos

           Click here for 'The Boat Ride' photos

           Click here for 'The Lunch' photos

           Click here for 'The Entertainment' photos

.....................................and finally Click here for some 'Lighter moments' photos!

Guests 1        Guests 6
Guests 4        Guests 3
Guests 2 Guests 5
          Guests 7          Guests 9
          Guests 10          Guests 11
Guests 12         Guests 8
        Guests 17        Guests 14 
Guests 15         Guests 13
Guests 18         Guests 16

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