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Akhand Bhajans on Saturday & Sunday 13/14 November 2010 at Ram Mandir

Akhand Bhajans this year started at 12:30 pm on Saturday 13 November, and continued for 24 hours until 12:30 pm on Sunday.

Ram Mandir was chosen as the venue for this 24-hour bhajans for World Peace.

Here are some photos from the two days:

Main Altar for Akhand Bhajans 1 Main Altar for Akhand Bhajans 2
Altar for Akhand Bhajans......
Main Altar for Akhand Bhajans 3 Main Altar for Akhand Bhajans 4
  Altar lighting changed to reflect night time.....

Altar in the Corridor 1             Altar in the Corridor 2
Altars in the corridor......... 

Some of the early devotees..........   
Some of the early devotees..........

........and some photos from the kitchen ...................

Preparing meals 1   Preparing meals 2
Preparing meals 3   Preparing meals 4
Preparing meals 5   Preparing meals 6
Preparing meals 7   Preparing meals 8
Preparing meals 9  Preparing meals 10 
Preparing meals 11   Preparing meals 12
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